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February 18, 2024, Psalm 12 The Power of Words

February 18, 2024 Speaker: Pastor Zane Hall Series: Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 12:1–8

The Power of Words:  Psalm 12

Key Idea: Words have power, but God’s Word is the most powerful.

     The words of the wicked. (V.1-4)

V.1 Psalm 4:3

V.2 Jeremiah 9:8; Matthew 12:36-37; 2 Peter 2:17-18

V.4 James 3:3-10

     The words of the Lord. (V.5-6)

V.5 Exodus 2:23-25

V.6 Psalm 19:7-10; Proverbs 30:5; Psalm 119:72; Psalm 119:161-162

     The promise of God. (V.7-8)

V.7 Joshua 21:45; Isaiah 46:10


How often do I think about the words that I say?

Am I double hearted, or deceptive, with my words?

Do I trust the pure Word of God?